New Matt Arthur CD!

Dec 29, 2017

Matt Arthur CDOur fearless leader has been hard at work on a new solo album over the past nine months! On The Edge, At The Bottom is coming out in January on House of Mercy Recordings with eleven songs that hearken back to Matt’s first solo gospel recording (2003’s The Way I See It). The release party is set for January 18 at The Hook & Ladder Theater, with The Blood Washed Band and The Bratlanders on the bill.

The CD was produced by Matt and his great friend and supporter Jeremy Szopinski and recorded & mixed by Levi Stugelmeyer at Summer Winter Studios in Saint Paul. It features a killer lineup of the best country gospel musicians in the Twin Cities: Jeremy Szopinski, Levi Stugelmeyer, Quillan Roe, Erik Brandt, Angie Talle, Miss Becky Kapell, Christine Hoberg, Alissa Jacobsen, Bob Douglas, Dan Gaarder, and Randy Broughten. (The Bratlanders recorded one track, but it didn’t make the final cut!)

Stay tuned for more info about the album and how to buy a copy. For now your only option is to pick one up at the shows!