explosion image“Matt Arthur’s music calls out from another time — a time when Johnny Cash was singing to the prisoners, Gram Parsons was pushing a new generation towards country music, and a whole host of artists were trying to figure out how to make peace in a conflicted America and find peace in their conflicted hearts.

Matt Arthur’s voice can cut through the energized cacophony of a Saturday night bar-room and the haze of a Sunday morning hangover. His songs bring understanding and mercy — whether or not you’re inspired to get up, wash your face, and put on your cleanest dirty shirt; fall back into bed; or head back to the bar, this is the right music for the occasion.”
— Reverend Russel Rathbun

MATT ARTHUR is a Southern Minnesota blind man with a voice that calls to mind Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave. The Bratlanders bring a time-worn authenticity to their rootsy sound — a Weird Old American blend of rustic folk, old-time blues, early country-western, and bombastic rock & roll.

Matt Arthur & The Bratlanders wear their influences [Cash, Hank, Stones, Dylan, Gram, Leadbelly] proudly, but what they make of that inspiration is entirely their own creation.