Post Tour Blues (and Rock!)

Sep 26, 2013

matt-tavernDon’t worry, we don’t have the blues…we’ve just been playing a lot of blues since we returned from our tour. We do miss the spectacular mountain scenery of Montana and Washington, but we’re awfully glad to be back among friends and family in the American heartland. It’s been a busy few weeks on the home front, with two gigs that stretched to over two hours long, and a whirlwind three-shows-in-30-hours stint last weekend!

This weekend finds our fearless leader Matt Arthur playing a rare solo gig in Northfield, a cozy little sit-down show in the lounge bar of the historic Archer House River Inn. He’s going to play a good three hours of music, and he’s been known to honor all manner of requests, so start making a list right now and come prepared to sing along if he doesn’t remember all the words, because he sure can’t use a cheat-sheet!