Three Band Blow-Up at Lee’s

Feb 21, 2014 ⋅ ⋅
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The 21st of February is a big day of the year. In 1440 the Prussian Confederation was formed, and in 1848 Marx and Engels published the Communist Manifesto, a book that changed the world forever. NASCAR was incorporated in 1948, author David Foster Wallace was born in 1962, Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965, and in 1972 President Nixon went to China and met Mao Zedong. The Legend of Zelda was released in Japan in 1986, and one year ago bomb blasts killed 17 and injured over 100 people in Hyderabad, India.

February 21, 2014 will be no less momentous, for we are announcing a TRI-BANDIAL SUMMIT, involving *leading members* of the *new-time old-time/country music community* for a musical gathering that will shake the foundations of world peace. Come witness this historical event, which will probably never happen again in our lifetimes.

The Gated Community – 9:00 pm
Saddle Sores – 10:15 pm
Matt Arthur & the Bratlanders – 11:30 pm

Lee's Feb 21

Event Date: Friday, Feb. 21, 2014